Big Sister Danielle Gosselin and her Little Sister Naliyah
01 Sep
  • By Paige Howarth

Little Sister’s Special Day Celebrated With A Delicious Cake, A Hug, And A Write-up In The Bristol Press

In a recent edition of the Bristol Press, there was coverage on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Connecticut, our Cake4Kids community partner and the match of Big Sister Danielle Gosselin and her Little Sister Naliyah. The coverage in the Bristol Press featured a color photo and short article. To view the Bristol Press coverage, please click on the link below.

Established in 1871, the Bristol Press is a daily and weekend newspaper serving readers in Bristol, Plymouth, Plainville, Terryville, and Thomaston. It’s available via subscription, or for sale at multiple retail locations throughout its circulation area. The publication also has a vibrant online presence (

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