Big Futures Program


Mentoring doesn’t stop when our young people graduate high school. In fact, the transition to young adulthood can be challenging, especially for those with fewer resources. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Connecticut, we understand the importance of providing ongoing support during this critical phase of life. That’s why we’ve created the Big Futures Program, extending the relationship between Littles and their Bigs to offer invaluable resources and guidance for education, employment, and enlistment.


The journey from high school graduation to age 26 is a time of both opportunity and uncertainty. Big Futures is designed to transform this period into one of growth and empowerment. By building upon the foundation of the mentor-mentee relationship, we equip Littles with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of young adulthood.

Our program goes beyond college prep. We provide a tailored selection of resources that cater to each Little’s unique needs. Whether it’s job readiness information, resume building tips, college degree requirements, work/life skills, or enlistment insights, Big Futures offers a menu of valuable resources that empower Littles to succeed. By extending support into these transitional years, we provide stability and guidance as they explore their place in the world.


To participate in Big Futures, we ask that Littles commit to active and consistent engagement. We also encourage Bigs and Parent/Guardians to continue supporting their Littles as dedicated members of their support network throughout this critical phase of life.

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Expertise matters. Share your through our Big Futures Micro-Mentoring Sessions!

Are you interested in getting involved with Big Futures? Do you have valuable career or life experience to share? Join our “expert in the field” micro-mentoring opportunity. By completing a simple form, you can offer guidance and insights that make a real difference in a young person’s life.

Get involved today by completing this form and emailing Lorriane Gallant, Program Director, at

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Are you ready to shape the future of our youth? To find out more about the Big Futures Program, visit our Big Futures Program Page on our Agency Matchbook. Discover how you can make a lasting impact on the lives of young adults in our community.