Rosalin Alcantara
Foster Grandparent Program Specialist of Eastern CT
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Margarita Laboy
Lead Site Based Coordinator
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Ivana Thigpen
Match Support & Site-Based Specialist
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Susan Black
Lead Site Based Coordinator
Jacqueline Lundie
Lead Match Support Specialist
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Jessica Williams
Lead Enrollment Coordinator
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Lorriane Poitras-Gallant
Lead Enrollment Coordinator
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Nagy Mishriky
Inquiry & Recruitment Coordinator
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Annemarie Holly
Grants & Program Enhancements Manager
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Mirthalys Melendez
Operations and Events Manager
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Tara Gill
Director of Community Based Programs
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Nathalie Herrera
Match Support Specialist
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Ryan Matthews
VP of Programs
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Andy Fleischmann
President & CEO
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Katelyn Tremblay
Program Coordinator
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Eleanor Powell
Program Special Project Manager
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Alyssa Barone
Site-Based Program Assistant
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Brian Kelly
Director of Marketing
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Lorriane Gallant
Big Futures Program Manager
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Ellen Tracy
Director of Advancement
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Julie Correira
Site-Based Program Specialist
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Elizabeth Andino
Site-Based Program Specialist
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Adrian Valiente
Community-Based Program Specialist
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Jeannette Mendez
Director of Foster Grandparent Program
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Shasity Rios
Director of School & Site-Based Program
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Melissa Novak
Program Special Project Manager
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Marisa Rader
Development and Events Manager
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